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Being injured in a car accident can be a traumatic experience. No one wants to deal with the aftermath of a car accident. But, if you have been injured in a collision, doing what is necessary to protect yourself will be important for your long-term health and financial wellbeing. The good news is you do not have to deal with your situation on your own—you can hire a Port Charlotte car accident lawyer to help with no out-of-pocket cost to you.

From U.S. 41 to Flamingo Drive, Kings Highway and everywhere in between, we handle car accident cases throughout Port Charlotte. For over 25 years, we have secured compensation for individuals and families in cases involving issues such as:

  • Aggressive, reckless and careless driving
  • Distracted, drowsy and drunk driving
  • Speeding, tailgating, and running red lights and stop signs
  • Driver inexperience and inattentiveness
  • Vehicle defects, recalls, and other hazards

Randall Spivey and the team at Spivey Law Firm, Personal Injury Attorneys, P.A. are committed to passionately representing the victims of accidental injury or wrongful death, whether those accidents are caused by distracted drivers, drivers who fall asleep at the wheel, drunk drivers, or other negligent drivers.

What You Need to Know After a Car Accident in Port Charlotte

After a car accident, there is a lot you should know and understand to get the best outcome for your claim or case. Here are five key facts to keep in mind as you proceed:

1. Dealing with the Insurance Companies on Your Own Can Be Challenging

If you are entitled to compensation under another driver’s policy (or your own uninsured/underinsured motorist policy), you will need to be prepared to fight to recover the financial compensation you deserve. For the best results, we recommend working with an established Port Charlotte car accident lawyer who has the experience needed to ensure you get everything to which you are entitled.

2. Seek Medical Care

Seek medical help immediately and report your injuries. Call your insurance company to report the accident, but do not give them a recorded statement without first calling the Spivey Law Firm, Personal Injury Attorneys, P.A.

3. Your Losses Can Add Up Quickly

From medical bills to lost wages, your losses can add up quickly after a car accident. Victims of accidents may be entitled to recover compensation for past, present, and future medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, and the loss of the enjoyment of life caused by the accident.

4. Mistakes Can Be Costly

From ignoring your doctor’s advice to waiting too long to seek help, mistakes can be costly. To protect yourself, you need to make informed decisions and rely on the advice and representation of an experienced Port Charlotte car accident attorney. It will be important that Spivey Law Firm, Personal Injury Attorneys, P.A. start gathering evidence immediately to build the best case for you. Preserving evidence and taking statements are important before evidence is lost and/or memories fade.

5. You Can Get Help from a Lawyer with No Out-of-Pocket Cost

Our fee is based on a percentage of the total recovery that we obtain for you. You do not owe us any attorney's fees or costs unless we recover money for you. There are no upfront costs, and we advance all costs on your behalf throughout the litigation. Our personal injury attorneys take cases on a contingency basis, which means that clients will never be required to pay any attorney’s fees or costs unless their case results in a settlement or trial victory.

Talk to a Port Charlotte Car Accident Lawyer 24/7

Randall Spivey has achieved record verdicts and settlements against drivers, property owners, and other negligent parties in court throughout his distinguished career. The Spivey Law Firm, Personal Injury Attorneys, P.A., utilizes its team of skilled paralegals, investigators, nurse consultants, and experts to provide experienced and skilled representation in your personal injury, car accident or wrongful death case.

Should you or a loved one be injured in an accident because of the negligence of another, after seeking medical attention, contact Spivey Law Firm, Personal Injury Attorneys, P.A. We represent people involved in numerous types of personal injury and wrongful death accidents in Port Charlotte and throughout the state of Florida. All our clients have unique personal injury cases. Our firm provides personal contact and communication along with aggressive representation. We are available to assist accident victims 24/7, and there are no costs or attorney fees until we receive a monetary recovery for you. To get the help you need after a car accident in Port Charlotte, contact Spivey Law Firm, Personal Injury Attorneys, P.A. for a free consultation. Call 941-764-7748 or contact us online now.

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