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Fort Myers Child Injury Lawyer Representing Families of Children Who Have Choked on Dangerous Toys

Toddlers explore their environment by putting everything in their mouths. Even when they outgrow this tendency, they continue to chew on enticing, colorful objects. Children are placed at risk of choking if toy manufacturers do not account for this natural behavior.

Spivey Law Firm, Personal Injury Attorneys, P.A. helps parents protect the rights of their injured child. Our Florida Board Certified civil trial attorney often represents minors and their families in cases involving dangerous toys and other choking hazards. We have the experience and perseverance to hold multinational toy manufacturers accountable for their defective and harmful products. Our successful experience litigating against large corporations is one of the reasons our attorney has earned membership on the exclusive Million Dollar Advocates Forum, reserved for counsel who have won seven-figure-settlements and trial verdicts.

No parent should have to experience the serious injuries or death of a child – and certainly not when that child was innocently playing. Our Fort Myers child injury lawyer, Randall L. Spivey, can help you get justice against the manufacturer responsible for your child’s injuries.

Liability of Toy Manufacturers

Toy manufacturers have a duty to produce safe, age-appropriate products, to give clear instructions for proper use and to warn about potential risks. The manufacturer may be held liable for choking injuries caused by their toys if:

  • The design of the toy creates a choking risk
  • A toy is marketed toward children who are too young to safely use it
  • The packaging does not contain adequate warnings about the choking risks
  • Parts become loose because of a manufacturing flaw

Children’s Choking Risks

Toys that contain small parts or sections that can come loose may be choking risks. Unfortunately, parents rely upon manufacturers to produce safe products and market them appropriately, but this is often not the case. Parents should be aware of these common choking hazards:

  • Fidget spinner. Popular with adults and children, the fidget spinner contains quarter-sized round metal pieces called bushings that can be easily be removed and swallowed.
  • Magnets carry the extra risk that if two or more are swallowed, they can clamp together inside the esophagus, stomach or intestines.
  • Board game pieces. Board games typically come with small tokens, dice or other pieces that are common choke hazards.
  • Small electronic toys, watches and household goods often contain tiny round lithium batteries that can be removed and swallowed.
  • Besides being the perfect size for children to fit into their mouths, marbles are often colorful and look like candy.
  • When balloons pop, they scatter bits of latex that, if ingested, can stick to the trachea.
  • Art supplies. Small colorful beads, buttons, trinkets and other crafts teach creativity, but also look edible to small children.

Learn More About Protecting Your Child's Rights With the Counsel of Our Fort Myers Child Injury Lawyer

As an experienced Fort Myers child injury lawyer, Randall L. Spivey holds the manufacturer accountable for your child’s choking injuries. Contact Spivey Law Firm, Personal Injury Attorneys, P.A. to learn more about your options for recovery on behalf of your child and family during a free consultation. Our firm handles products liability claims in Fort Myers and Cape Coral, all of Lee County and Collier County, as well as Bonita Springs, Estero, Naples, Port Charlotte and Punta Gorda.

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