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Fort Myers School Bus Accident Lawyer Representing Kids Injured in Accidents in Fort Myers, Cape Coral, Port Charlotte and Naples

You send your children to school every day believing they are in safe hands. Unfortunately, your children’s safety is constantly at risk by unqualified bus drivers and reckless motorists. If your child was hit by a bus or involved in a collision while on the bus, the negligent parties should be held accountable, and an experienced Fort Myers school bus accident lawyer can help.

Spivey Law Firm, Personal Injury Attorneys, P.A. handles accident claims throughout Florida. We put your child’s interests first to ensure she or he receives the damages needed to recover from injuries and get back to a normal life.

Our founding partner, Randall L. Spivey, has devoted over two decades to representing injured clients and families in wrongful death lawsuits. He is a Florida Board Certified civil trial lawyer and a lifetime member of the Million Dollar Advocates Forum and the Multi-Million Dollar Advocates Forum. Randall Spivey has also received the Preeminent Attorney Rating from Martindale Hubbell. To learn how we can protect your rights, call (888) 477-4839 today for a free consultation.

Common Types of School Bus Injuries

School buses are poorly designed vehicles, often with no seat belts and many blind spots. Top-heavy and awkward to drive, school buses require a heightened skill level to operate and greater attention by operators that is sometimes missing from overworked, minimally trained drivers. No surprise that a child may be injured in or around a school bus, such as in these common scenarios:

  • The bus driver is involved in a collision with another vehicle
  • The bus driver slams on the brakes causing children to fall
  • The bus driver does not see a child crossing in front of the bus or leaning down to the side of the bus
  • A child exiting the bus gets clothing caught in the bus door and is dragged as the bus pulls away

Duty of Motorists Around Children

Florida has special traffic codes governing the areas around schools, bus stops, buses and other areas where children congregate. The reason for this is clear: children are put at serious risk of injury when around vehicles. Because of this, drivers need to use extreme caution to protect children from accidents, including:

  • Driving at the posted slower speed through designated school zones
  • Refraining from texting and driving or general cell phone use, especially while passing through a school zone
  • Not passing a stopped school bus that has activated its flashing lights and stop sign
  • Obeying crossing guards directing children across the street
  • Paying special attention during hours when children are out of school

A driver who fails to abide by these basic safety duties and hits a child is at fault for the accident and may be liable for punitive damages for gross negligence. Furthermore, the child is not considered responsible for her or his actions – even if the child darted out from behind a car or other obstruction – and so damages are not reduced for the child’s contribution to the accident or failure of the parents to supervise.

Liability for a School Bus Crash

If your child was hurt in a school bus accident, multiple individuals and entities may be liable for your child’s injuries, including:

  • The school bus driver for reckless driving or traffic code violations
  • The driver’s employer for failing to properly vet and train the driver
  • Other motorists involved in the collision

Public schools have sovereign immunity, but they may still be held liable for certain acts of negligence. Alternatively, private schools may be liable for contracting with an unqualified bus company. We also pursue damages under your uninsured/ underinsured motorist claim.

Consult With a Fort Myers School Bus Accident Lawyer About Your Child’s Injuries

Spivey Law Firm, Personal Injury Attorneys, P.A. represents children and their families injured in school bus accidents in Fort Myers and Cape Coral, all of Lee County, Charlotte County and Collier County, as well as Bonita Springs, Estero, Naples, Port Charlotte and Punta Gorda. Schedule your free consultation with our Fort Myers school bus accident lawyer to learn more about how we can help your child. Call (888) 477-4839 or contact us online


More Helpful Information 

Are Children Safe on School Buses?

The National Association for Pupil Transportation (NAPT) announced National School Bus Safety Week is from October 18–22, 2021.

Sharing the Road with School Buses 

School is open in Southwest Florida which means there is usually heavy congestion around our schools, particularly when dropping off or picking up students. Our Fort Myers accident lawyers believe it is also important to be cautious when sharing the roads with school buses.  

Speeding Near School Bus Stops a Problem for 2019 School Year

Even though the speed limit on Mohawk Parkway in Cape Coral is 40 mph, drivers are going 50 mph, or even 60 mph. Neighbors have witnessed vehicles passing stopped school buses, which were displaying blinking lights and picking up students.  

Stop School Bus Accidents Caused By Distracted Driving

Southwest Florida schools open in August. This means there will be more vehicles on our roads and children at bus stops. In 2018, the number one cause of accidents involving children and school buses was distracted driving.

Bus Stop Accidents – Every Week Should Be School Bus Safety Week

In the aftermath of the tragic and devastating death of an 8-year-old at a bus stop in Cape Coral, the news media and others are calling for every week to be School Bus Safety Week, not just one week in October. 

Social Media Leads to Crackdown on Drivers Passing Stopped School Buses

Our children’s safety when riding school buses is every driver’s responsibility. Too many children are injured or killed because drivers do not obey the law and stop when required.

Study Says Lee and Collier Counties Receive an “F” for School-Zone Driving

Lee and Collier County school zones are dangerous. We need to do more to protect our children.  

School Bus Safety – Will Lawmakers Listen?

Our school children are vulnerable when they are loading and unloading from school buses. School bus safety is an important issue for Southwest Florida.  


School Bus Accidents Should Never Happen

School bus accidents do not need to happen. Children are defenseless as they head to their buses and are no match for vehicles. 

How to Share the Road with School Buses

Schools in Lee, Collier, and Charlotte counties open in August, and the number of vehicles on our roads increases significantly. Drivers must drive responsibly and watch out for school buses and children at bus stops. 

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