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Myriad hazards exist in the world that put your child at risk; a toy should not be one of them. Yet, every year, manufacturers introduce incredible dangers in toys, playground equipment, electronics and furniture specifically marketed to kids. Parents trust that these toys have been tested and are safe until the devastating moment when a child is injured.

Spivey Law Firm, Personal Injury Attorneys, P.A. has focused our practice exclusively on personal injury and products liability claims for 20 years. Our Florida Board Certified civil trial attorney has a history of high dollar settlements and verdicts that have earned us a membership in the Million Dollar Advocates Forum. We have substantial experience representing injured minors and their families in complex claims against multinational corporations. 

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Duty of Toy Manufacturers

Toy manufacturers have a duty to design and produce safe products and to warn about risks. This duty extends to anticipated uses, in addition to the intended use of their products. For example, children are likely to put items in their mouths, and so a manufacturer must account for toxicity and swallowing hazards of a product that was not supposed to be ingested. In addition, vendors are required to provide ample instructions on use to avoid harm and to market a product to an appropriate age group.

Hazards Introduced by Toy Manufacturers

Our firm represents minors of all ages, from infants to teens, who have been injured by dangerous toys and products. We also represent families whose children have been severely injured or killed by defective products. Common types of cases we handle include:

  • Choking hazards. Toddlers put virtually everything in their mouths; an innate behavior that helps them explore the world, but can also lead to swallowing and choking on foreign objects. Choking hazards include game pieces, craft supplies, balloons, magnets and other small items.
  • Entanglement risks. Children can get skin, clothing and hair caught on defective playground equipment protrusions, furniture edges, hooks and screws or inside submerged pool equipment.
  • Magnets are particularly dangerous if swallowed because two magnets will clamp together, producing a large obstruction in the child’s body and pinching flesh between them.
  • Strangulation risks. Strangulation risks include hoodie drawstrings, jewelry, electrical cords, swings, ropes, playground netting and crib bars.
  • Toxic chemicals. Children’s small, developing bodies are particularly vulnerable to toxins, making exposure very dangerous. However, some manufacturers produce children’s toys, bedding, clothing, cups and other products with hazardous chemicals that can affect children’s health.
  • Crib deaths. Putting your baby down to sleep is likely one of the rare opportunities for you to rest, making harmful bedding, cribs and playpens all the more alarming. Beds and linens marketed for infants and toddlers may, however, present suffocation and strangulation risks.
  • As the recent “in” toy, thousands of parents bought hoverboards for their teens and children. In addition to the much-publicized explosion and fire risks, the motor-powered devices may result in fractured bones, spinal damage, and head injuries when a child crashes, particularly while traveling downhill, inadvertently rolling into traffic or if the child is underweight.

Learn How Our Fort Myers Child Injury Lawyer Can Protect Your Child's Rights After an Accident Involving a Dangerous Toy

Spivey Law Firm, Personal Injury Attorneys, P.A. helps your family after your child suffered a serious injury from a defective product. Contact us to schedule your free consultation with our Fort Myers child injury lawyer to learn more about your child’s rights to recovery. We take products liability claims in Fort Myers and Cape Coral, all of Lee County and Collier County, as well as Bonita Springs, Estero, Naples, Port Charlotte and Punta Gorda.

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