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A Fort Myers Medical Device Lawyer Will File Your Medical Devices Claim

Each year, people suffer serious injuries and even death as a result of unwittingly using defective medical products and devices, most of which are recommended or prescribed by their physicians and approved by the U.S Food & Drug Administration. As consumers, we trust drug and medical device development companies to perform extensive tests and pass strict approval protocols before releasing a medication or product for marketing, sale, and distribution by the government. Sometimes, however, these products are put on the market without proper testing, with dangerous designs, with manufacturing defects, or without proper warnings to consumers about potential harms that a product can cause.

All too often, we've seen the disastrous results of the manufacturers of these dangerous medical devices and medications who put profits over safety, which eventually result in the product causing serious injury or death to a loved one.

If you suffered an injury, Fort Myers medical device lawyer Randall L. Spivey can protect your rights. The Spivey Law Firm, Personal Injury Attorneys, P.A., will thoroughly investigate the problems associated with the medical device in order to determine how the device failed or otherwise caused injury to the consumer.

The Harmful Effects of Unsafe Medical Devices

Potential problems that may result from the usage of a medical device can include dangerous design defects, failure to properly warn the user of harmful or negative side effects, contaminated devices, potential surgical mistakes when the devices are implanted, and problems with the devices which result in the person having to undergo additional surgeries to remove, repair, or replace the defective device. Any of these issues, or a combination of these issues, can lead to serious injuries or even death for the consumer who uses such a medical device.

Many drug or medical device manufacturing companies have come under the scrutiny of the U.S government, the media, and the public in general for drugs and medical devices that have turned out to be more harmful than helpful. Fortunately, there are mechanisms under the law to hold these companies responsible when they produce defective devices and drugs that injure consumers, in the form of product liability suits. These claims are time-sensitive, however, so it is essential that you take legal action immediately once you suspect that injury has occurred as a result of utilizing such a medical device. Otherwise, you may be unable to maintain a claim for compensation, no matter how liable a medical device manufacturing company may be.

Speak With a Fort Myers Medical Device Lawyer Today

If you or a family member has experienced injury or death as a result of a defective medical device, consult with an experienced Fort Myers medical device lawyer at the Spivey Law Firm, Personal Injury Attorneys, P.A., immediately for a free consultation. Call our office at (888) 477-4839 or contact us online to schedule your consult. We represent clients in Fort Myers and Cape Coral, all of Lee County and Collier County, as well as Bonita Springs, Estero, Naples, Port Charlotte and Punta Gorda. There are no fees or costs for you to pay upfront unless you win a financial settlement or jury verdict from the party responsible for your injuries or losses.

Please visit our settlements and verdicts page in order to view the results in some of the defective medical device cases and other types of product liability cases handled by Randall L. Spivey.

More Helpful Information 

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The Inspector General’s office in the Health and Human Services Department (HHS) said in a report released Monday, October 2, 2017 that officials need to do a better job of tracking costly product failures to protect patients. 

Defective Medical Devices Product Liability Claims

Each year many Americans are injured and or killed as a result of defective products, according to the he U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC). Millions of Americans depend on advanced medical devices to correct health issues that  impede their daily life. While most benefit from these devices, some patients suffer injuries as a result of faulty medical products. 


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