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11 Causes of RV Accidents

February 24, 2021 | Category: Personal Injury | Share

Since the COVID-19 pandemic began, many are seeking an alternative form of travel, work style, and entertainment. One popular way to get around is the recreational vehicle (RV).

COVID-19 brought widespread work-from-home policies that allowed many to consider working remotely from an RV.  RV purchases and rentals have seen a huge increase in numbers. One RV rental service told Newsweek in August 2020 that their bookings were up 50 percent and climbing.

11 Causes of RV Accidents - Spivey LawFifth Wheel Street (FWS) says RV accidents are not unusual because RVs are prone to problems, such as blind spots, extended braking distance, and lack of maneuverability. Federal law does not require RVs to go through crash and rollover tests, but some still receive crash testing and others do not. Most testing is performed on the frames upon which RVs are built, but not the actual RVs.

RV safety in a crash depends on a number of factors including the RV class, type of collision, and the location of the passengers. In a fender bender, experts say the large Class A motor homes may be the safest if the passengers are seated. For all-around safety, Class B camper vans are recommended as the best choice.

Most RVs are not designed to withstand a significant impact either from the front, side, or rear. Accessories such as TVs, tables, and other loosely-anchored objects can strike passengers causing bodily harm during an accident. Passengers may also be standing or walking around during a crash which, according to FWS, can also cause serious injury.

Most RV manufacturers belong to the RV Industry Association (RVIA) that performs random inspections of production plants to ensure they are up-to-code with requirements. Members place an RVIA sticker on each new motor home to assure dealers and consumers that they meet association standards.

According to FWS, the 11 most common causes of RV accidents are:

  1. Inexperienced drivers
  2. Speeding
  3. High winds
  4. Overtired drivers
  5. Overloading the RV with too much weight
  6. Runaway trailers
  7. Rollover caused by the higher center of gravity
  8. Poorly calculated turns
  9. Miscalculated stopping distances (heavy vehicles require longer stopping distances)
  10. Poorly balanced loads
  11. Failing to see another vehicle in the lane beside the RV due to a blind spot

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