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Category: Brain Injuries

TBIs: How Do Car Crashes Cause Brain Injuries?

March 9, 2022 | Category: Automobile Accidents, Brain Injuries

Each year, hundreds of thousands of people in the United States are hospitalized with traumatic brain injuries (TBIs). Car crashes are among the leading causes of TBIs, and the brain injuries suffered can range from “mild” concussions to penetrating brain injuries resulting in death. Our Naples personal injury lawyer wants everyone to understand how these injuries happen, as having this knowledge is critical not only for assessing crash victims’ treatment needs but also for assessing their...

Accidents Causing Brain Injuries

October 12, 2020 | Category: Brain Injuries

Fort Myers Personal Injury Lawyer Randall Spivey says many accidents cause brain injuries, including automobile accidents, motorcycle accidents, truck accidents, and slip and fall accidents, as well as accidents on retail, public and private properties. Many of the injuries from these accidents may not be apparent at first but come on gradually.

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