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Category: Truck Accidents

Failing to Secure a Load Can Lead to Fatalities

April 15, 2022 | Category: Truck Accidents

There are several factors that make commercial trucks the most dangerous vehicles on Florida’s roads. While many commercial truck accidents involve truck driver negligence or issues with the truck itself, accidents can also result from failure to properly secure a truck’s cargo load. In fact, this type of failure can lead to many different types of accidents, as Fort Myers accident lawyer Randall L. Spivey explains below.

Wide Turns: How They Cause Truck Accidents

January 19, 2022 | Category: Truck Accidents

Large trucks frequently need to make wide turns at intersections. Due to their size, tractor-trailers, box trucks, garbage trucks and other large commercial trucks often cannot make turns in a single lane like ordinary cars, pickups and SUVs. Unfortunately, wide turns often result in collisions with other vehicles. In this article, Fort Myers accident lawyer Randall L. Spivey explains why.

How Do Truck Accidents Differ from Car Crashes?

January 12, 2022 | Category: Automobile Accidents, Truck Accidents

If you have been seriously injured in a truck accident, recovering your losses will include steps that differ from filing an insurance claim after a car crash. Truck accidents differ from car crashes in several important ways, and as a result, it is important to hire an experienced Fort Myers accident attorney who can help you seek the financial compensation you deserve.

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