Category: Wrongful Death

Punitive Damages in Florida Wrongful Death Cases

January 16, 2018 | Category: Wrongful Death

If you have lost a loved one in a wrongful death scenario, you may be wondering about the nature and extent of damages to which you are entitled.  Generally speaking, most wrongful death lawsuits do not involve an award of punitive damages — otherwise known as exemplary damages — as the conduct at-issue is not egregious enough to justify such an award. 

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Loss of Consortium Damages in Florida

August 29, 2017 | Category: Wrongful Death

If your loved one has been killed due to the negligent acts of another, Florida law — depending on your relationship with the deceased — may entitle you to wrongful death damages for the losses you experience as a result of your loved one’s passing.  Pursuant to the Florida Statutes section 768.21, wrongful death damages include loss of companionship, loss of protection, loss of guidance, loss of financial support, mental pain and suffering, and more.

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