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Nighttime Biking Requires Safety Precautions

August 30, 2016 | Category: Bike Accidents, Personal Injury

For some, biking is a way of life. Many individuals commute to and from work, go to parties and run errands on their two wheels. But whether the person is a steadfast biker or someone who enjoys an occasional ride during nice weather, he or she in danger of being hit by a car. Bicyclists are at a particularly high risk for injury and death in Florida.

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The Debate - Roundabouts vs Traffic Lights Continues

August 22, 2016 | Category: Automobile Accidents, Bike Accidents, Motorcycle Accidents

Engineering, a question and answer site for professionals and students of engineering, has many comments from those in favor of roundabouts who say that, among other things, they are safer than traffic light intersections. This claim, they say, has been scientifically proven. On the other hand, they say traffic light intersections are more space-inefficient.  

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Could Sonar Technology Prevent Bicycle Accidents?

July 5, 2016 | Category: Bike Accidents, Personal Injury

The Washington Post reported on June 24, 2016 that law enforcement in Ottawa, Canada has adopted new solar technology to help prevent bicycle accidents. The city of Ottawa has a one-meter law. If a vehicle is within one meter of a bicyclist on the road, it is in violation of the law. As with the bicycle laws in the U.S., there has not been a way to enforce this law and protect bicyclists until now.  

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