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16 Parking Lot Safety Tips for the Holiday Season

December 2, 2020 | Category: Automobile Accidents, Personal Injury | Share

The holiday season is usually the busiest season for shopping areas and parking may become more difficult. There is also less daylight during this time and some parking areas can be poorly lit. All of these factors make holiday shopping prone to more parking lot accidents. 

The Fort Myers personal injury attorneys at Spivey Law Firm, Personal Injury Attorneys, P.A. would like you to stay safe during this season by following these 9 safety tips from and 7 parking lot safety tips from the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (FLHSMV). says driving in parking lots may seem easy, particularly since vehicles should be moving more slowly than on roadways. However, parking lot accidents account for 14 percent of all insurance claims and researchers say one in five crashes happen in parking lots. recommends paying attention, driving defensively, and following the law to reduce your chances of getting into an accident. In order to protect yourself and others in a parking lot, you should:

  1. Enter your space by backing up whenever possible so that you’ll have an easier time when you leave the space.
  2. Drive in the center of your lane and park in the center of your space to make it easier for other people to see you and navigate the lot.
  3. Only park in a space if you’re sure you have enough room. Then pull your vehicle into the space as far as possible so that it will be easier for drivers and pedestrians to move through the lot.
  4. Be careful opening your door as you exit your car to avoid denting the side of the car next to you.
  5. Be aware of the location of the lot’s entrances and exits and any no parking zones in the lot. Try to avoid parking near the entrance of the lot, as these areas are often more congested, and you’ll have more drivers and pedestrians to deal with as you leave the space.
  6. Watch out for signs indicating special rules that govern driving or parking in the lot. Stop signs are often posted in parking lots at the end of every lane. At uncontrolled intersections in the lot, follow the standard right-of-way rules. Stop and proceed only when it is safe.
  7. Make sure you’re not going the wrong way by watching for arrows on the pavement indicating the designated direction for each lane. Many parking lot lanes are narrow and restricted to a single direction of traffic.
  8. Stay out of spaces where the wheelchair logo is displayed on a sign or pavement marking, as well the striped areas next to them. Only drivers with a disabled parking placard or license plate may park in a designated handicapped space.
  9. Check the front of the space before you park to see if any other restrictions are indicated. Some parking spots may be designated as “Narrow,” “Reserved,” etc.

Fort Myers personal injury attorneys say the FLHSMV recommends staying safe in parking lots by doing the following:

  1. Park as close to entrances and exits as you possibly can.
  2. Always try to walk to and from your vehicle with another person. If you are shopping alone, consider walking near other shoppers in the parking lot.
  3. If shopping alone and leaving at night — particularly if you’re carrying several bundles — ask a security officer to accompany you to your car. Most malls will provide that service.
  4. If forced to the far reaches of a lot – or even beyond the lot – seek a spot that’s well-lit or near a well-traveled roadway.
  5. Stow your purchases in the trunk, away from plain view to prevent theft. Save your most expensive purchases for last, so you can head straight home.
  6. If you are going to be transporting a tree or other large cargo on your vehicle, make sure you have all the necessary equipment to tie it down properly and securely to your vehicle to prevent dangerous situations on the roadways. Any packages or other cargo inside your vehicle should not block the driver’s view from any angle.
  7. Have your keys ready when you approach your vehicle. Before entering, check that no one is hiding in the back seat.

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