2 Promising Motorcycle Safety Systems

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Motorcycle riding is usually a pleasant pastime for many Florida citizens and visitors, but it is not without challenges. Lacking the protection of enclosed vehicles, motorcyclists are vulnerable.

Experts say that 2018 is a promising year for motorcycle safety systems. Some of these systems include adaptive motorcycle headlights and sliding mitigation systems. 

Adaptive motorcycle headlights: 

2 Promising motorcycle safety systems - Spivey LawAccording to the American Automobile Association (AAA), adaptive headlights have the potential to provide up to a 90 percent safety benefit in 90 percent of crashes that occur on curves at night. The AAA feels this is an encouraging safety improvement for riders who choose to ride at night. 

The J. W. Speaker Corporation first introduced adaptive motorcycle headlights in 2016. On February 14, 2018 the company launched its improved adaptive headlight to address the safety problem of lighting up dark areas when a rider is cornering at night. The new improvement, according to the company, “provides ditch-to-ditch lighting which eliminates dark corners on sharp turns. It has on-board sensors to calculate angles on a real-time basis automatically directing the light as the motorcycle leans.” 

Sliding mitigation systems: 

Ride Apart Inc. reported on May 17, 2018 that Bosch has been working on a new safety system for motorcycles in an effort to make motorcycling safer. Its sliding mitigation research project has a goal of giving the motorcyclist a chance to right a bike that starts to slide on a road due to such hazards as wet leaves, oil, or gravel. According to Sabrina Giacomini’s article the system uses a sensor to detect sideways wheel slip, and if a certain value is exceeded, stored gas is used. According to Bosch, the gas flows into a tank adapter and is vented in a certain direction via a nozzle providing a reverse thrust to keep a motorcycle on track. 

Fort Myers Motorcycle Accident Attorney, Randall Spivey says, “Improvements in motorcycle safety equipment is important; however, all motorists are responsible for watching out for motorcycles. They must share the road with motorcycles and always drive responsibly.” 

The Florida Highway Safety and Motor Vehicle Department (FDOT) reminds drivers that motorcycle and moped drivers have the same rights and duties as other motor vehicle drivers.  

In its beginner’s guide to driving, DrivingTests.org says there are 10 vital tips every driver should know. These are: 

  1. Always check blind spots.
  2. Be extra cautious when passing.
  3. Remember that motorcycles act more quickly than cars.
  4. Weather warning – bad weather has a more drastic effect on motorcycles than other vehicles.
  5. Night-riding can be treacherous for motorcyclists.
  6. Stay in your lane.
  7. Inform motorcyclists of your intention to turn by using turn signals.
  8. Intersections are danger zones.
  9. Watch for turning motorcycles.
  10. Take a second look at left turns. 

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