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5 Tips to Avoid Distracted Driving

August 4, 2021 | Category: Automobile Accidents | Share

Distracted drivers are everywhere. You can see them on their cell phones, eating, applying make-up, shaving, changing radio stations, checking GPS, or even texting. All of these activities do not belong on our roads.

5 Tips to Avoid Distracted Driving - Spivey LawOn April 3, 2021, said, "Preliminarily in 2020, there were more than 48,000 distracted driving crashes in Florida – 75 percent of which were caused by the driver being inattentive behind the wheel. These crashes resulted in nearly 300 fatalities and more than 2,700 serious bodily injuries. On average in 2020, there were more than 900 distracted driving crashes every week across in Florida.”

Colonel Gene S. Spaulding, director of the Florida Highway Patrol, told, “Driving a vehicle on our roadways is a task that requires our full attention, all of the time. When we aren’t focused on driving, it limits our ability to come to a stop or simply slow down and move over when approaching a dangerous situation. Make it a priority to eliminate distractions every time you get behind the wheel. I am confident that working together, we can avoid the senseless tragedies that occur on our roadways every day from driving distracted. Remember, the life you save may be yours or one of your loved ones.”

Here are five tips to help focus on the road and avoid distractions:

  1. Emergency Use Only: Cell phones should only be used for emergencies. Drivers should pull over safely to the right shoulder to make a call, even when using a hands-free device. Avoid social conversations on cell phones.
  2. Avoid Driving When Drowsy: Government studies show 37 percent of drivers in the U.S. nod off or even fall asleep at least once during their driving careers. Drowsiness can increase the risk of an accident by nearly four times. Drivers should get off the road, and not try to speed up to get home faster when they are drowsy.
  3. Limit the Number of Passengers: The more passengers inside a vehicle, the more distractions, and an increase in the level of activity.
  4. Avoid Eating While Driving: It is not a time-saver to eat while driving. Eating can cause a driver to become distracted. Experts say that food spills are the major cause of distractions when on the road.
  5. Avoid Multi-Tasking While Driving: Multi-tasking may be a good idea when one is at home, but it is not when driving. If a driver needs to do something other than drive, he/she should pull over and stop first.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) recommends drivers commit to driving phone-free.

  • Protect lives by never texting or talking on the phone while driving.
  • Be a good passenger and speak out if the driver in my car is distracted.
  • Encourage my friends and family to drive phone-free.

Randall Spivey helps victims of distracted driving crashes pursue claims against the at-fault drivers. “Should you or a loved one be injured in an accident because of the negligence of another, after seeking medical attention, please contact Spivey Law Firm, Personal Injury Attorneys, P.A. We have the experienced Fort Myers car accident legal team to assist you 24/7, and there are no costs or attorney fees until we receive a monetary recovery for you,” said Fort Myers Car Accident Lawyer Randall Spivey.





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