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Parents Are Encouraged to Talk with Teens About Drunk/Drug Driving During the 2022 Holiday Season

December 23, 2022 | Category: DUI Accidents | Share

‘Tis the season’ is often a phrase heard during the holiday season. It is associated with the winter holidays more than any other season of the year, according to Merriam-Webster.

‘Tis the season’ is also the time when many teen holiday parties and gatherings occur. These festivities may involve the consumption of alcohol and/or drugs.

The U.S. Department of Transportation National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) marks December 14, 2022, through January 1, 2023, as the 2022 Holiday Season National Enforcement Mobilization period. This period is known for being the deadliest season when it comes to drunk driving.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports that excessive drinking is responsible for more than 4,300 deaths among underage youth each year, which can lead to early addiction as well as many other dangerous outcomes such as drunk driving.

Parents Urged to Talk With Teens About DUIs During 2022 Holiday SeasonMothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) surveyed U.S. parents and their teens on topics such as alcohol and cannabis consumption, binge drinking, and substance-impaired driving. The survey revealed the need for more conversations between teens and parents about the danger of alcohol and drugs. A random sample by IPSOS, a global research company, of approximately 1,000 parents and their high school teens ages 15-18 was conducted. 

MADD says, “The most alarming results reveal that a third of parents allow youth access to alcohol, according to both teen and parent responses. Of the parents surveyed, one in five (21 percent) say they allow alcohol consumption from time to time, while a smaller amount (9 percent) allow it fairly often. About two-thirds (64 percent) of teens say their parents have not allowed them to consume alcohol, with more having discussed the subject with their parents (36 percent) versus saying it has not come up (28 percent). The remainder of teens say their parents have allowed them to consume alcohol – mostly with them (29 percent) as opposed to without them (8 percent).

Additional key findings of the report include: 

  • Teens are less likely to characterize certain behaviors as high risk opposed to parent views on binge drinking and mixing alcohol and marijuana (each six percentage points lower among teens).
  • There are large differences between mothers and fathers on perceptions of risk and strong disapproval of behaviors surveyed, with mothers taking a more cautious stance. This gender divide is seen among teen girls vs. boys, as well.” 

Avoid Becoming a Statistic

MADD National President Alex Otte said, “In addition to talking to their teenagers, it’s equally important for parents to set the example by not allowing underage drinking in their home. Studies show that when parents allow their high schoolers to have a small glass of wine or a beer on ‘special occasions,’ the teens are likely to drink more often and in greater amounts when they are not with their parents.”

MADD has a program to assist parents in having ongoing, intentional conversations about the dangers and consequences of underage drinking and drug use. Parents can download the free Power of Parents handbooks at

“We at Spivey Law Firm, Personal Injury Attorneys, P.A. have seen the devastation caused by the negligence of drivers who drive while under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs. These accidents have wrecked families in many ways. Some of the accidents have taken away the breadwinners leaving families with financial difficulties. Children lose their parents’ guidance, nurturing, and love for the rest of their years. We encourage drivers to take DUI seriously and help everyone have a merry and bright holiday season,” said Florida DUI Accident Attorney Randall Spivey.

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