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Popular SUVs and Pedestrian Accidents

November 20, 2020 | Category: Pedestrian Accidents | Share

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety’s (IIHS’s) recent study showed new SUVs are more lethal to pedestrians than cars, according to a Fort Myers pedestrian accident attorney.

Sam Monfort the lead author of the IIHS study said, “The proportion of SUVs in the U.S. fleet has grown dramatically, so it’s discouraging that they still seem to be more deadly to pedestrians than cars are.”

Popular SUVs and Pedestrian AccidentsThe IIHS study analyzed a sample of crashes (79) from three urban areas in Michigan. The findings of this small study showed:

“…SUVs caused more serious injuries than cars when impacts occurred at greater than 19 miles per hour. At speeds of 20-39 mph, 3 out of 10 crashes with SUVs (30 percent) resulted in a pedestrian fatality, compared with 5 out of 22 for cars (23 percent). At 40 mph and higher, all three crashes with SUVs killed the pedestrian (100 percent), compared with 7 out of 13 crashes involving cars (54 percent). Below 20 miles per hour, there was little difference between the outcomes, with pedestrians struck by either vehicle type tending to sustain minor injuries.”

IIHS said that although the Michigan crashes were not necessarily representative of those that occur nationwide, the injury patterns were consistent with earlier, national studies which showed SUVs were more likely than cars to throw pedestrians forward and nearly twice as likely to cause severe hip and thigh injuries. These types of injuries were mainly caused by impacts with the bumper, grille or headlights. According to IIHS, these injuries were likely because of the high point of the front profile, or “leading edge,” of most new SUVs that is still considerably higher than that of the average car. The IIHS says it is going to use the Michigan crash data to determine what kind of SUV profile poses the least risk to pedestrians.

SUV manufacturers who have adopted more carlike designs are addressing the risks SUVs pose to SUV occupants, but not yet addressing the issue of risks to pedestrians.

“Our findings provide more evidence that manufacturers need to make design changes to help combat the increase in pedestrian fatalities now that more of the vehicles on the road are SUVs,” said IIHS Senior Research Engineer Becky Mueller.

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