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Springtime Hazards: Understanding Seasonal Risks for Accidents in Florida

March 22, 2024 | Category: Personal Injury | Share

Spring is one of the best seasons of the year to spend time outdoors in Florida. While it is warming up, it is not too hot, and hurricane season is still months away. But there are certain seasonal risks that can lead to injuries—and it is important to be aware of these risks to protect yourself and your loved ones. The Fort Myers injury lawyers at Spivey Law Firm explain:

5 Common Causes of Springtime Injuries in Florida

In Florida, spending time outdoors is a way of life. This is especially true during springtime. But, whether you are driving to the beach, riding your motorcycle, or spending a lazy Saturday at the pool, there are several injury risks of which you should be aware.

1. Car, Truck and SUV Accidents in Spring Break Traffic

In Florida, spring break is a month-long affair. People from all over the country travel to Florida for spring break, and different school districts and colleges schedule their spring breaks at various times.

While this is good for Florida’s economy, it creates traffic problems in Fort Myers and other popular spring break destinations. This inevitably leads to an increase in car, truck and SUV accidents. Drunk driving and distracted driving are significant concerns during the spring break season as well—and, far too often, local residents and visitors suffer life-altering (if not life-threatening) injuries that should have never occurred.

With this in mind, all drivers should take precautions to protect themselves, their passengers and others when driving during spring in Florida. Along with avoiding drunk driving and distracted driving, taking simple steps such as leaving plenty of buffer and following the rules of the road can significantly reduce the risk of being involved in a serious accident.

2. Springtime Hazards for Motorcycle Riders

Spring is also the season when many motorcycle riders get back on two wheels. As a motorcycle rider, you can protect yourself by riding within your abilities and constantly watching out for drivers who are not watching out for you.

But, in many cases, even these steps are not enough to avoid being seriously injured in a collision. Many motorcycle accidents involve a car turning left into the motorcycle’s path.  This is a violation of the motorcyclist’s right of way.

While the insurance companies are quick to blame motorcycle riders for their own injuries, in many (if not most) cases, motorcycle accidents involving other vehicles are not the rider’s fault. Instead, a reckless, careless, aggressive, distracted, or drunk driver is usually to blame. While motorcycle riders absolutely should take advantage of Florida’s temperate spring weather, riders must also unfortunately be on alert for careless drivers. 

3. Swimming at Home, at a Hotel or Resort, or at a Neighborhood Pool

While most pools in Florida stay open year-round, spring is usually the season when people start getting back in the water. From backyard pools and neighborhood pools to pools at hotels and resorts, swimming is a great way to enjoy spring’s warmer weather while enjoying the last lingering sub-80-degree water temperatures.

Unfortunately, swimming pools can present a variety of safety hazards. From inadequate maintenance of pool equipment to failure to properly treat pool water, various issues can put swimmers of all ages at risk. Slippery pool decks, overcrowding and other hazards can significantly increase the risk of pool-related injuries as well. Broken bones from falls, concussions from collisions with other swimmers and near-drowning injuries from getting caught underwater are all very real risks that pool owners should (but often do not) take adequate steps to prevent. Tragically, children drown each year due to failure to have a pool fence or other safety precautions.

4. Onshore and Offshore Boating Accidents

Springtime is the start of boating season in Florida as well. Similar to swimming, while boating can be (and should be) fun, it can also be dangerous. Speeding, distracted boating, boating under the influence, and failing to watch out for kayakers and divers are all common forms of negligence that can—and too often do—lead to life-altering and life-threatening accidents.

When boat owners and boat captains do not prioritize safety on the water, they can be held accountable under Florida or U.S. maritime law. This applies to both commercial and recreational vessels, and it applies both onshore and offshore. When charter companies, boat rental companies and boat clubs put inexperienced and unqualified captains at the helm, they can potentially be held liable for victims’ injuries and families’ losses as well.

5. Safety Hazards at the Beach

We all heard the tragic story of a seven-year-old girl dying when a sand hole collapsed at a Florida beach earlier this year. This type of accident is a very real concern not only for children, but adults as well. Deep holes in the sand can present extreme risks, not only when children and adults are digging but also when holes are left unmarked and unattended.

Along with holes in the sand, there can also be several other safety hazards at the beach. Rip currents and submerged dangers are also very real concerns, as are overcrowding, reckless beachgoers and trip hazards left in the sand. Going to the beach in Florida should be a memorable experience for the right reasons. Sadly, however, far too many beach trips end with serious injuries that impact victims’ and families’ lives for years to come.

Like the other types of accidents discussed above, serious and fatal accidents at Florida’s beaches will entitle victims and their families to financial compensation in many cases. Hotels and resorts, beach equipment rental companies, and various other entities can all be held liable in appropriate cases. If you need to learn about your legal rights after any type of springtime accident in Florida, you should speak with a lawyer as soon as possible.

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