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Technology Causing Distracted Driving Accidents

February 17, 2021 | Category: Automobile Accidents | Share

Technology has become a part of our lives. It seems to be unavoidable. Keeping in touch with family, friends, co-workers, and others in a variety of places is a habit for most of us. Also, having the latest technology is a priority for many people purchasing new vehicles.

Technology Causing Distracted Driving Accidents - Spivey LawA Fort Myers car accident attorney says that newer vehicles come with a lot of technology, such as mapping, rearview cameras, early warning systems, and driver-assistance technologies for self-driving vehicles. Much of the technology is intended to prevent accidents

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) reports that within the last year, technology has contributed to more than 6 thousand deaths and 500 thousand injuries.

The National Library of Medical says, “The evolution of computing, communication, and sensor technology is likely to affect young drivers more than others. The distraction potential of infotainment technology stresses the same vulnerabilities that already lead young drivers to crash more frequently than other drivers.”

All of this technology is vying for a driver’s attention. The attention should be on the act of driving.

The National Security Council (NSC) conducted a survey in which 67 percent of those surveyed said they felt they were at risk because another driver was distracted by technology. Yet, only 25 percent said their distraction from technology was putting others at risk. In part, this 'not me' attitude remains prevalent because people believe they are better drivers than those around them." says safety technology in new cars could be a problem when drivers do not understand or know how to respond to it. Automatic emergency braking and systems that keep vehicles from straying out of lanes may cause driver confusion and lead to accidents. Drivers need to learn how new technology works in their vehicles. This is especially true when drivers use rental vehicles.

Cell phones are a major technological contributor to accidents. The NSC reported the use of cell phones while driving leads to 1.6 million crashes every year. Close to 390 thousand injuries occur every year from texting while driving accidents.

The NSC reports that technology exists that can prevent many of the accidents caused by cell phone use while driving. There are blocking apps and devices that can help drivers focus more on their driving than on their cell phones. These apps and devices prevent drivers from making or accepting calls, texting, or accessing the internet.

NSC says, “Cell phone blocking technology is most often an app for Smartphones and is available from wireless services and companies that specialize in these apps. The most basic technologies prohibit calls or texts while a vehicle is in motion. More advanced systems are capable of blocking audio features and tracking speed and sudden stops. Many send a text or email notifications, providing helpful information for parents of teen drivers."

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