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What Accidents Are Common on College Campuses?

November 17, 2017 | Category: Inadequate Security, Personal Injury, Slip and Fall Accidents | Share

Most college campuses take their responsibility for student safety very seriously. Parents sending their students off to these campuses expect that to be the case. However, accidents happen on college campuses. Some of the most common campus accidents include: 

What Accidents Are Common on College Campuses - Spivey LawSlip and fall accidents. There is a lot of foot traffic on college campuses, and miles of sidewalks and other walkways. These may quickly become in disrepair which increases the opportunity for students and campus visitors to slip and fall. These injuries can be potentially life-threatening. Campuses are required to maintain safe premises. 

A 66 year-old man was attending a New Jersey community college job interviewing and resume building course. The exterior walkway was in disrepair, and the man was injured when he fell. 

Faulty facilities. Performing regular maintenance is required of college campuses. This includes all of the grounds and facilities, and they must address any safety issues immediately. Stairwells, elevators, lab equipment, sports and other facilities must be properly maintained. Some of the most common safety hazard violations in schools may include blocked exits, unsecured furniture and cabinets, poor housekeeping and failure to post warning signs. 

Criminal activity. says that the most commonly reported criminal offenses on campuses are burglary, motor vehicle theft and sexual assault. Colleges and universities are required to provide adequate security to deter these criminal activities. 

Automobile, bicycle or pedestrian injuries. Students and visitors to college campuses expect them to be safe, have well-lighted parking lots and structures and safe traffic flows. 

In October 2016 a University of Florida female student riding her bicycle was killed when she collided with a garbage truck on campus. A Gainesville Police spokesperson, Ben Tobias said, “It’s very common to see bicycles and pedestrians traveling alongside cars on that road,” Tobias said. “It’s a sobering reminder, whether we are driving or riding a bicycle, to look out for one another.” 

Federal law requires colleges and universities to provide a safe educational environment and hazard-free facilities. They are to employ security personnel which are trained properly and are aware of potential threats to safety.

Florida negligence law

Florida Statute 768.81 Comparative Fault says that if you have been injured in any type of accident caused by the negligent behavior of another party, you are entitled to fair compensation even if you were partially at fault. The evidence of the case will determine your “fault percentage,” and the amount of compensation you are eligible to receive will fluctuate accordingly.

Who is liable?

To win a negligence case, you need to prove:

1) Liability. The defendant had a duty of care, and was negligent in performing its duty of care.

2) Negligence. The defendant breached that duty, and the plaintiff was harmed.

3) Responsibility/Fault. The breach of duty, or negligence, on the part of the defendant, was a major factor in causing the plaintiff’s injuries.

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