Who Pays Medical Expenses Before a Motorcycle Accident Claim is Settled?

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Motorcycle accidents may not occur any more often than other vehicle accidents, but when they do the seriousness of the injuries can be much higher. Being capable of high speeds with minimal rider protection, motorcycle accidents can be the most hazardous.

Who Pays Medical Expenses before a Motorcycle Accident Claim is Settled - Spivey LawAccording to NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration), the likelihood of a motorcycle crash injury is very high: 98 percent of multiple motor vehicle accidents and 96 percent of single vehicle accidents resulted in serious injury.

What are the 3 most common motorcycle injuries? 

In most motorcycle accidents serious injuries may occur to the head, face or neck, or bones may be fractured and/or shattered requiring surgery. 

  1. Head injury may include concussions or skull fractures even traumatic brain injury.
  2. A broken leg may occur because a motorcycle cannot stand upright on its own. Most motorcycle accidents cause the motorcycle to fall over, and the rider's leg remains underneath the motorcycle resulting in a broken leg.
  3. A broken arm happens when the motorcyclist lands on one or both of his or her arms. (Source: livestrong.com) 

Medical treatment happens before motorcycle accident cases are concluded. When these accidents occur and treatment is given, who pays the medical expenses of the injured motorcyclist? 

Motorcycle accident cases are usually governed by the concept of negligence, and there are many factors involved. Whether an injured motorcyclist can recover medical expenses or other losses in the accidents may depend on the type of hazard; why was the hazard there; could the hazard have been eliminated, and the behaviors of those involved. Injured motorcyclists may be able to seek damages from the negligent party causing the crash. 

Who pays for medical costs while the accident case is being settled? 

Non-fatal motorcycle crashes can carry heavy medical costs depending on the motorcyclist's injuries. The at-fault party's insurance company pays medical bills but not until a settlement for the entire claim is reached. 

Attorneys often use what is known as a "letter of protection" as a way of handling medical costs as clients receive treatment. The letter of protection is a medical lien. The attorney sends the letter of protection to a medical provider which guarantees the provider that the costs of treatment will be covered by the patient out of any future settlement that is secured. The attorney preparing the letter of protection is responsible for making sure that the payment for treatment is received by the medical provider from any settlement. The agreement with the provider allows him/her the right to pursue the full bill as any other debt. 

There is also another use of the letter of protection and that is to delay any collection efforts which may result from a previously incurred bill. It allows any potential settlement of a case to take its course before payments are made. Insurance carriers often refuse to pay for treatment of injuries sustained as a result of vehicle accidents. So the injured party does not have impact on his/her credit standing or substantially harm finances, they can use the letter of protection to delay the collection activities against them. 

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