Why Is a Vehicle Accident Investigation Important?

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Southwest Florida is a busy place. This is particularly true during the tourist season, as our population seems to explode. When this happens, vehicle accidents increase. We often see the results of these accidents when we are backed up on I-75 for miles. When we pass the accident scene, we often see authorities conducting an investigation. They may be taking photographs, interviewing witnesses, and taking statements from those involved.

Why is a vehicle accident investigation important - Spivey LawInvestigations are important to find the root cause of an incident. This information can be used to prevent a similar accident from happening in the future, but also to provide information that will be used in a police report. Police reports are often used in personal injury claims and lawsuits.

Risk Management and Assessment says there are six steps in a successful incident investigation:

  • Step 1 - Immediate action. In the event of an incident, immediate action to be taken may include making the area safe, preserving the scene, and notifying relevant parties.
  • Step 2 - Plan the investigation.
  • Step 3 - Data collection.
  • Step 4 - Data analysis.
  • Step 5 - Corrective actions.
  • Step 6 - Reporting.

A vehicle accident investigation also involves the actions of the injured party, or the injured party’s surrogate and/or attorney. After seeking medical attention, an attorney should be consulted. The attorney needs to be contacted immediately so that he or she can quickly begin an investigation of evidence at the scene before it disappears. The physical evidence includes skid marks, debris, and damage to the vehicles. Any videos or photos from any witnesses or nearby security cameras will be obtained. Other photos may also be taken, such as traffic lights and signs.

There is another important component, which is meeting with eyewitnesses. These eyewitnesses may have to be tracked down, so it is important to contact a personal injury attorney immediately.

In some cases, reconstruction experts may be called in when there may not be any video footage. The expert’s analysis can determine who caused the accident and who should settle the claim. Reconstruction experts can also be very compelling when testifying in court to help jury members understand how a crash occurred and why the injured party deserves compensation for losses.

Medical experts may also be needed. Insurance adjusters will not take the injured person’s word that he or she has been injured. This medical expert can assess the full extent of the injuries and convey this information to insurance companies, and, if needed, testify in court. Psychological injury may also need the explanation of a medical expert.

When a thorough investigation has been done, all of the collected evidence must be organized and presented in a compelling manner. This will tell the injured person’s story.

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