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Wide Truck Turns Can Cause Accidents

September 1, 2021 | Category: Truck Accidents | Share

Zonar, a company working in smart truck fleet technology, ranks Florida’s I-95 number two and US-1 number five in its list of the 10 most dangerous roads in the U.S. Some of these accidents involve truck drivers causing wide-turn accidents.

Wide Truck Turns Can Cause Accidents - Spivey LawThe Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) confirms that trucks cannot make sharp turns or maneuver as easily as other motor vehicles. Truck drivers must swing wide to make a 90-degree right turn, and they need to start a turn from the second lane to the left, instead of the right turn lane. Motorists may be caught in the “right-turn squeeze” when a large truck moves to the left to create enough turning space to make a right-hand turn.

When truck drivers want to make right-hand turns, they are required to signal their intention to turn and wait for a clear opportunity. If the driver cannot turn safely and turns anyway, the truck could tip over, swing into oncoming traffic, or crush another vehicle in its turn lane. Safely turning means truck drivers must be aware of others using the same roadway. Smaller motor vehicles, motorcycles, or pedestrians may be in a driver’s blind spot.

The commercial driver's license (CDL) manual states:

For right turns, truck drivers must:

  • Turn slowly,
  • Keep the rear of the vehicle close to the curb;
  • Turn wide as you complete the turn;
  • Do not turn wide to the left as you begin the turn;
  • When you must cross into an oncoming lane, watch out for oncoming vehicles and give them room to stop or go by you, and
  • Do not back up. 

For left turns, truck drivers must:

  • Reach the center of the intersection before starting the left turn, and,
  • When there are two turning lanes, use the right-hand lane. 

Passenger car occupants, motorcyclists, or pedestrians can suffer serious injuries if they are involved in an accident with a large truck making a wide turn in their paths. These injuries can include broken bones, internal bleeding, head injuries, lacerations, amputations, spinal cord injuries, and paralysis.

Wide-turn truck accidents may be the result of such things as improperly maintained trucks, non-compliance with sleep requirements, distracted driving, and drunk driving. Truck drivers and/or their trucking companies may be held negligent in wide-turn personal injury accidents.

“Truck drivers and trucking companies are subject to a whole host of complex requirements to ensure their safety and the safety of others on the nation’s roadways. We at Spivey Law Firm, Personal Injury Attorneys, P.A. reference state and FMCSA laws when assisting our truck accident victims obtain the compensation they deserve, such as past, present, and future medical expenses, pain, and suffering, and lost wages.  We represent people involved in numerous types of personal injury and wrongful death accidents throughout the state of Florida. All of our clients have unique personal injury cases. Our firm provides personal contact and communication along with aggressive representation. We are available 24/7, and there are no costs or attorney fees until we receive a monetary recovery for our injured clients,” said Fort Myers Truck Accident Attorney Randall Spivey.


Fort Myers Truck Accident Attorney Randall L. Spivey is a Board Certified Trial Attorney – the highest recognition for competence bestowed by the Florida Bar and a distinction earned by just one (1%) percent of Florida attorneys.  He has handled over 2,000 personal injury and wrongful death cases throughout Florida.  For a free and confidential consultation to discuss your legal rights, contact the Spivey Law Firm, Personal Injury Attorneys, P.A., in Lee County at 239.337.7483 or toll-free at 1.888.477.4839, or by email to  Visit for more information.  You can contact Spivey Law Firm, Personal Injury Attorneys, Charlotte County at 941.764.7748 and in Collier County at 239.793.7748.





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