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Archive: 2012

Florida Lawmakers Urged to Pass Distracted Driving Law

November 15, 2012 | Category: Automobile Accidents

The Distracted Driving Summit was held in Tampa, Florida November 13, 2012. Florida is one of only 11 states which does not have a distracted driver law. Attorney Randall Spivey, Spivey Law Firm, Personal Injury Attorneys, P.A. said, "The law is needed, and I hope Florida will pass such a law quickly as distracted drivers now cause up to 20 times more crashes than substance abusers."  Learn more about managing distractions while driving.

Be Aware of Wet Road Conditions

November 14, 2012 | Category: Automobile Accidents

"A disproportionate number of crashes due to wet and slippery roads take place in the dry season." says Attorney Randall Spivey, Spivey Law Firm, Personal Injury Attorneys, P.A.  "Roads become extremely  slippery when rain first starts to fall. As rain begins  it mixes with oils that cover the road's surface. I recommend that drivers learn ways to cope with wet roads even in the dry season."

Recall - Ameridose, sister company of New England Compounding Center (NECC) issues recalls on all of its products

November 6, 2012 | Category: Defective Drugs

According to an Food & Drug Administration (FDA) press release October 31, 2012, AmeridoseWestborough, MA,  sister company of the New England Compounding Center, Framingham, MA linked to more than 30 deaths caused by contaminated products, informed its customers of its voluntary recall of  all of its products following the FDA's inspection which found "shortcomings in testing procedures".  The FDA has called for improvement in Ameridose's sterility testing process. 


David Vanaman Shows Positive Signs as Florida Department of Transportation to Begin Traffic Study at Metro Parkway Extension and Briarcliff Road

November 5, 2012 | Category: Automobile Accidents

The Vanaman attorney, Randall Spivey, Spivey Law Firm, Personal Injury Attorneys, P.A. issued a statement on November 1, 2012 regarding David Vanaman's health status and the start of the Florida Department of Traffic (FDOT) traffic studies at the intersection of Metro Parkway Extension and Briarcliff Road the week of November 5, 2012.

Tragic Collier County Vehicle Accident A Wake-up Call

November 2, 2012 | Category: Automobile Accidents

Just after 4 a.m. on October 29, 2012, there was a tragic accident in Collier County on U.S. 41. According to the Florida Highway Patrol (FHP), a woman lost control of her 2013 Chevrolet Suburban and overcorrected first to the right then to the left and the vehicle flipped.  Both the woman and a 3-year-old child were thrown from the vehicle.  Neither the woman nor the child was wearing a seat belt.  The woman was pronounced dead at the scene of the accident, and the child is in critical...

Metro Parkway Extension, Ft. Myers, FL Crash Victim - David Vanaman - Community Prays for Recovery

October 30, 2012 | Category: Automobile Accidents

On Sunday, October 28, 2012, David Vanaman's church family at Cross Way Baptist Church where he is the pastor, joined together in prayer for his recovery.  David Vanaman, father of 9, was critically injured in a crash at the dangerous intersection of Metro Parkway Extension and Briarcliff Road last Monday, October 22.  "The Vanaman family and Spivey Law Firm are requesting traffic signals, even temporary ones, be installed immediately to prevent further accidents."

Attorney Calls for Action Following Metro Parkway Extension Crash, Ft Myers, FL - 24 Hours After Opening

October 26, 2012 | Category: Automobile Accidents

Attorney Randall Spivey, Spivey Law Firm, Personal Injury Attorneys, P.A., Fort Myers, Florida represents David Vanaman and his family.  David Vanaman was involved in an accident Monday, October 22 at the Metro Parkway Extension and Briarcliff Road intersection.  Metro Parkway Extension had only been open 24 hours.  Attorney Spivey issued a statement yesterday, October 25, 2012 - "Family and Community Pray For Victim and Wants Immediate Changes at Metro Parkway Extension Intersection"


Randall Spivey Files Request for Immediate Action on Traffic Light at Intersection of Michael G. Rippe Parkway and Briarcliff Road in Fort Myers, FL

October 26, 2012 | Category: Press Releases

For Immediate Release    October 26, 2012 - 5:00 p.m. Press Contact:  Susan Cunningham Fort Myers, Florida                                  Cell:  239.464.7997   Randall Spivey, Spivey Law Firm, Personal Injury Attorneys, P.A., Files Request Today on Behalf of the Vanaman Family That Immediate Action Be Taken to Approve and Install Traffic Signals at the Intersection of Michael G. Rippe Parkway and Briarcliff Road in Fort Myers, FL   Attorney...

Fungal Meningitis Case Count & Deaths Continue to Rise

October 25, 2012 | Category: Meningitis Outbreak

"There does not appear to be a clear indication of the incubation period from the injection date to the on-set of symptoms.  So we expect these numbers to increase.  If you, or someone you know received an epidural, or any other joint, steroid injection at any of the facilities receiving the New England Compounding Pharmacy (NECC)contaminated steroid in the last three months, you need to be vigilant and consult your medical professional," said Meningitis Outbreak Attorney,...

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